Lingering essence of Passion

We master the art of sensory perfume, stirred with passion and innovation, to linger and lead the industry.

Comprehensive Understanding

Evaluating the fragrance marketplace with research and analysis for an in depth knowledge of the competitive landscape.

Expertise & Productivity

Extensive expertise in the art of combining creativity with science that inspires and meets​ all regulatory requirements.

Passion & Excellence

Dedicated to uncompromising quality and a stellar reputation based on excellence and providing cost effective solutions.

What we do?

We produce concentrated, non-alcoholic perfumery compounds and synthetic essential oils for a wide range of applications to suit a large palette of tastes and requirements.

We are well known for the quality of our products and our commitment to customer service. We also enjoy a long-standing reputation for innovation and creativity.

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Committed to Deliver

Our customers are our partners who require superior quality, innovation and competitive pricing that we deliver through our low cost, high performance business model with our team dedicated to add value to all our services.


Our fragrances enhance user experience not only by ​filling the surrounding​s​ with pleasing aromas but also evoking soothing effects.

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From floor and window cleaners; dish washing detergent powders or bars; to kitchen cleaners or bath and toilet cleaners, we meet all your needs.

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Our fragrances for skin care products and cleansers like creams, lotions, and toners and sunscreen masks yield a pleasing sensation.

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We offer a vast array of conventional Fabric Care products like detergent powders; liquids and bars and various laundry aids like pre-soaks; detergent boosters and bleaches.

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Whether it ​is bathing in fragrant hamams or applying exotic oils on person, our quest to appeal to others have driven the artistic quest for newer and better fragrances.

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Oriental note

From absolute traditional to modern, from the fusion of the French and the Oriental Notes to our exclusive and unique creations, each fragrance offers an aura​,​ unique to itself.

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